Massacres of the South (1551-1815) - Alexandre Dumas

Massacres of the South (1551-1815)

Par Alexandre Dumas

  • Date de sortie: 1870-12-05
  • Genre: Politique et gouvernement


Persecution and proselytism kept pace with each other, but the blood that was shed produced the usual effect: it rendered the soil on which it fell fruitful, and after two or three years of struggle, during which two or three hundred Huguenots had been burnt or hanged, Nimes awoke one morning with a Protestant majority. In 1556 the consuls received a sharp reprimand on account of the leaning of the city towards the doctrines of the Reformation; but in 1557, one short year after this admonition, Henri II was forced to confer the office of president of the Presidial Court on William de Calviere, a Protestant.